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Firebase notes

June 01, 2020

Lisp and Friends

May 31, 2020

This looks interesting. When to check it out? Loving Common Lisp, or the Savvy Programmer's Secret Weapon by Mark Watson His website is…

Front Fava with Docker

May 30, 2020

Goal is to use docker-compose up -d to have only be accessible after some…

Chrombooks - Linux for everyone

February 23, 2020

I fell in love with Chromebooks when I read Kenn White's fantastic July 2017 article " My $169 development Chromebook ." Here's a quote of…

Netlify & Gatsby?

February 23, 2020

This might be helpful:

Learning Web Programming with Games

February 01, 2020

There are a bunch of these (plan to add to this list as time goes by): Flexbox Froggy CSS Diner https…

More Angular

November 26, 2019

Tour of Heros is great stuff. There are other tutorials: Inspirational 20 minute YouTube…

Tracking things

November 24, 2019

I'm excited to start using the low-friction task managment system . I'm dreaming of combining this with and the… Rocks!

August 01, 2019 is an android application containing a Linux distro (no X-Windows). I've installed it on my ChromeBook via the Play Store. It…


July 04, 2019

Getting Started python3 -m venv BCenv source BCenv/bin/activate pip install fava for Java

May 27, 2019 is wonderful for many reasons. One of which is that you don't need a credit card to get a free account and deploy your…


May 26, 2019

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is to cloud computing :: Kleenex is to tissue Things that are handy: One year of some free services: https…

My Second Post! (example)

May 15, 2019

Wow! I love blogging so much already. Did you know that "despite its name, salted duck eggs can also be made from chicken eggs, though the…

Murach's Servlets & JSPs

May 05, 2019

One of the things that struck me as I start to look at the source code that accompanies "Murach's Servlets & JSPs" is that it's formatted…


May 04, 2019

These are numbered to make them easy to talk about but they are not ordered in importance... Bossypants by Tina Fey Yes, Please by Amy…

Fred's ImageMagick TextEffect Utility

April 21, 2019

Thanks, Fred! I really like your texteffect utility. for f in 'Breakfast' 'Lunch' 'Dinner'; do ./texteffect -t $f -s plain -e normal -f…

Hello World (example)

April 15, 2019

Hello, world! This is a demo post for gatsby-theme-blog . Delete me, and get writing! This is another paragraph after the code block. This…

Computation art from FizzBuzz using p5js

March 14, 2019

Links and notes from my 3/14/19 talk at Omaha Ruby & Open Source Meetup…


May 05, 2017

Money is like oxygen: you need it to breath It's important to have a rainy day fund I think it is important to talk with each other about…

git rebase

February 07, 2017

git rebase origin/master puts commits on top git checkout feature-branch git fetch git rebase origin/master This is better than the git…

Better Java?

January 02, 2017

Sean Cassidy 's Better Java notes are exciting.

Handy MindMaps Tool

December 16, 2016

David Richard wrote amazing mindmaps software. It was very easy to build and deploy a copy to a gh-pages branch. One of the manythings…

Deploy Dynamic Website in Minutes by

September 25, 2016

The video on how to "Deploy Dynamic Website in Minutes" by is AMAZING!

I wish everyone had this fund

September 25, 2016

This is an amazing and powerful story by Paulette Perhach . Please read the whole thing. It inspires me. "Wait. This story sucks. If…

ffmpeg in Scotch Box

September 24, 2016

"Scotch Box is a preconfigured Vagrant Box with a full array of LAMP Stack features to get you up and running with Vagrant in no time." But…

Free Learning?

September 10, 2016

I too am a big fan of both and . The Computer Science and Software Engineering Theory with Briana are…

Gradle Intro

October 23, 2013

Slides for Gradle Introduction are not the best talk I've ever given. There are a few handy things in there....