Too many projects

I have way too many projects. Here are a few notes on a few of them.

I need to start keeping a personal Kanban board.... I'd like to use Obsidian for this and lots of second brain things.

High priority projects:

  1. Code For Nebraska talk

Vacation goals (2nd week of May 2023)

  1. Code For Nebraska talk
  2. Learn some ReactJS - Convert my TM Today utility to ReactJS and implement some of the features on TMToday1's todo list
  3. Walk my dogs a lot

Misc Projects

These are in alphabetical order and numbered but not sorted in any meaningful order:

  1. -- I've been talking about this for over ten years. Someday I might also write some code around it. The five for lunch idea is not mine; it's been around offices for a long time.
    1. Last updated: long long time ago. Parked a web page on netlify in April 2023.
    2. Next steps: Maybe a RedwoodJS application?
  2. -- I heart GraphViz and related tools
    1. Last updated:
      1. Part a web page on Netlify in April 2023.
      2. Dropped a tiny bit of CodeMirror
    2. Next steps:
      1. Wiring in a graphviz library so I can actually edit a dot source and then see the graph that is generated.
      2. I'm thinking about also having my own instance of What would advantages of having my own instance be?? Perhaps blogging about fun Mermaid related things?
  3. -- Simple game programming looks fun; maybe I'll do it someday.
    1. Last updated -- 2016. Parked a web page on Netlify in April 2023.
    2. Next steps: Cytoscape has nice drag & drop on my iPhone, so maybe take the toy app I made in December 2022 and build a ball sort game....
  4. -- this blog. I want to pour more into it, working with the garage door open.
  5. - Simple mobile friendly web application for my Wednesday morning ToastMasters club.
    1. Last updated:
    2. Next steps
      1. incorporate some of the things I've learned about jest and jsdom and create a nice blog post about this.
      2. create a better version of the program using React.
  6. Pomodoro timer look alike that senses when you pick up the phone. Use device orientation techniques explained and demonstrated by Oleksii Trekhleb. Oleksii -- Thanks for your wonderful article!!
  7. -- There are many ways to track your walks. This is not a good way. And it might make my walks more fun for me.
    1. Last updated --
      1. Feb 2023 I got some file upload action working.
      2. April 2023 -- Parked web page on Netlify.
    2. Next steps -
      1. I want to build this as a spring boot & angular application at first.
      2. Take inspiration from Matt Steele's inspirational web application for tracking bike rides
        1. I want to try maplibre-gl in addition to google maps and leaflet
      3. Someday create a telegram bot that I can send my GPX files to after a walk.

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