These are numbered to make them easy to talk about, but they are not ordered in importance (like many of my posts, I add to this over time)...

  1.'s Tour of Heroes Tutorial
  2. practice exercises for Pluralsight’s Angular Fundamentals course
  3. Angular University Material Course
  4. Pluralsight's Deborah Kurata Angular classes
  6. Brandon Roberts YouTube channel
  7. Inspirational 20 minute YouTube - walkthru of building a PWA for TicTacToe - 2019-Sept-16
  8. List of Angular Learning Resources

Where to deploy?

  1. Netlify has a nice angular starter that fits well in a subdomain. When I tried it on 23-Dec-2022, it made a github repo for me:

PWA things

My (wip) short talk on writing progressive web applications with angular is here:

  1. Simple Demo, its repo and an article about it
    1. My follow along repo is
  2. Create a Progressive Web App with the Angular CLI is pointed at by some angular documentation:

Local Storage

  1. Managing Local Storage in Angular is a well ranked random google search result.

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