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  1. Stop Bowling Like This

Tips are numbered by not ordered in list of importance.

My notes to myself (2022-12-31)

  1. Stand a bit more to the left than before. Right foot on the center dot.
  2. Put thumb all the way in the hole -- squeeze, do not pinch
  3. right-hand holds the ball from below
  4. right elbow at 90 degrees
  5. Keep my eye on the second arrow from the right
  6. The left hand supports the weight of the ball
  7. as I take the first step, push the ball out
  8. once the ball is out, my left arm goes out for balance
  9. let the ball and my right arm drop and swing back as I take steps
  10. Slingback forward and release when it's nearly straight again.
  11. Do not let my right arm cross in front of my body.
  12. carry might right arm all the way up past my ear

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