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I fell in love with Chromebooks when I read Kenn White's fantastic July 2017 article "My $169 development Chromebook."
Here's a quote of some of his excellent points (please read his whole article):


  1. A very modest budget (ideally <$200 USD, all in)
  2. 8-10 hour real-world battery life
  3. A first-class, local/non-connected dev environment for my current toolchain:
  4. go, c/c++, node.js, git, curl, nginx, postgres...
  5. Standard network tools (openssl cli, nmap, tcpdump...)
  6. Strong hardware-backed verification & mutual auth
  7. Open source, actively developed software whenever possible
  8. Bonus: secure messaging, voice, video chat, Netflix


The finished environment should not:

  1. bypass core OS security
  2. disable Verified Boot
  3. require sudo/root for dev environment
  4. rely on Crouton or Ubuntu
  5. require (or assume) an always-on network"

Several nice overview videos include:

  1. Why Use a Chromebook March 10, 2019
  2. Got a New Chromebook? 10 Things you need to know Dec 31, 2018
  3. How to Replace Your PC with a Chromebook Jan 22, 2019

My work in progress notes are online and my W-I-P presentation are here:

presentation link

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