Criteria Query example with Spring Boot

Wanting to be able to search using a filter parameter in a HTTP GET api, I'd like to find &/or build a Short, Self Contained, Correct (Compilable), Example (sscce) using spring boot 3, JPA, and H2. Here are my notes along the way:


  1. Spring Data JPA -Criteria Queries - The Full Guide seems like a good building block
  2. Java Spring Boot - JPA - Hibernate - H2 - Paging with Filtering and Sorting looks good and comes with a github repo](
  3. Advanced Search and Filtering using Spring Data JPA Specification and Criteria API also comes with a github repo
  4. Spring Boot Criteria API might be a good playlist. I don't spot a github repo :-( He's using LiquidBase....
  5. REST Query Language with Spring and JPA Criteria has an exciting headline

Tags: java, programming, spring, spring-boot

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