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I'd like to collect web pages that I can re-read and point others towards. Please send me suggestions.

Clean Code

  1. How to write code that is easy to read

Code Reviews

  1. What every code review should be like -- This a free sample to a $350/year paid site. I have not bought a membership.
    1. "Don't just dump your entire feature into 1 massive 2,500 line PR" - is one of the points


  1. Team Geek by Fitzpatrick
  2. How to Win Friends and Influence People


  1. Be kind
  2. The golden rule

Powerful tools

  1. Recurse Center's Social Rules

Avoid arrogance

Here are some great points from a Tiff In Tech episode: Tips From a Top Tech Recruiter: "Read every line of your resume and ask the question 'so what'" -- What is that telling a potentiall employeer? What is that telling a potential recruiter?

Three things:

  1. How have you made a company money?
  2. How have you saved a company money?
  3. How have you changed a process, in a meaningful way, within that organization?

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