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  1. Vegetable Gardening 101
  2. First Steps of Vegetable Gardening
  3. Best time to Start Spring Gardening in Nebraska

Starting to plan

Fall Planting -- Garlic and...

  1. Garlic

Spring Planting

  1. Basil from seeds

Late Planting:

Planting Calendar for Omaha, NE tells me I can plant these vegetables to harvest before frost (15 Oct 2023):

It's going to be a good summer!


  1. Maybe buy a Darwin's Grip for my EGO cultivator and trimmer etc
  2. Maybe a subscription to Garden Planner
  3. Maybe some nice vertex lifetime tomato cages


  1. NPR on How to Compost at Home
  2. Compost Dos & Don'ts

YouTube videos that spark interest

  1. New Vegetable Garden: How to Get Started talks about starting with a raised bed (and in the ground).
  2. Companion Planting Made Simpile

Rough draft #1 - 15 feet by 15 feet

garden plan

Based on what's available localy, I might change from this. Who knows, maybe I'll grow LOTS of tomatoes?

Omaha is zone 5b

Irrigation Notes

Don gifted me some things from the Drip Depot and I'm excited to use them in the spring. I have some notes in my telegram garden channel.

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