gopass note can do a lot. Right now, I just need a little. It's likely I'll have more post(s) about gopass.
I'm excited to get started with it.


  1. gpg --batch --passphrase 'secret' --quick-gen-key mpayne default default
    1. Quick setup of a key pair. Use '' if you don't want a passphrase.
  2. gopass init mpayne

Use -- Create entries and Read entries

  1. gopass insert demo1
  2. gopass show demo1

Using in ~/.bashrc

  1. export GPG_TTY=$(tty)
    1. so gpg-agent will prompt in a text only world (like just ssh)
  2. export APW_DEMO1=$(gopass show demo1)
    1. Less than good that the secret password demo1 lives in cleartext in an environment variable. :shrug:

Tags: linux, gpg, programming, talks

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