Computation art from FizzBuzz using p5js

Links and notes from my 3/14/19 talk at Omaha Ruby & Open Source Meetup

  2. simple silly example of consuming the data. Renders here: I know you can do better! I challenge you to do better, please!!?!!
  3. The Coding Train from NYU!
  4. Programming from A to Z is amazing series on text processing that includes how to implement a Markov Chain (used for predictive completion when sending text messages, etc)
  5. was created by Lauren McCarthy is amazing, wonderful, and fun.
  6. is a free online IDE for writing p5js programs in JavaScript
  7. is a nice intro example I like to talk about while lunching with people
  8. is the Fizz Buzz Computational "art piece" that I talked about.
  9. is one of the books I hope to read someday.

Thank you for letting me pitch my excitement to you

Note: On I published Programmer's First Computational Art Piece.

Tags: p5js, JavaScript, tools

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