ReactJS notes


  1. Tutorial: Tic-Tac-Toe
  2. Scrimba
    1. Learn React
    2. React Router 6
  3. Josh Comeau classes


  1. npm create vite@latest is a good thing to use for starting react (and other apps). Thanks, Scrimba for the quick introduction.
    1. Change vite.config.ts before hosing on github pages. Here's a random StackOverflow note about vite and base
  2. Used create next app for my follow along of the Tic-Tac-Toe Tutorial
  3. is a tiny CRA where I'm trying to learn some basic router things

Odd learning

  1. Hosting on github pages:
    1. Put basename in the BrowserRouter tag
    2. Adding homepage attribute in package.json
    3. The homepage attribute in package.json does not work for apps made with npm create vite@latest: Change vite.config.ts before hosing on github pages.
  2. Getting patch files from github commits - thanks StackOverflow post that points to Ten Things You Didn't know Git and GitHub Could Do...

Putting React into an 11ty post

Since markdown, with 11ty, can have HTML tags (including script), I can mix little JavaScript programs into a post. Here's a simple experiment:

Keeping the script tags starting in the first column is important.

11ty Plugins to checkout

  1. eleventy-plugin-react
  2. eleventy-plugin-jsx

Tags: programming, 11ty, JavaScript, React

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