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I'm very grateful to have been in a workshop today taught by Guy Royse because I learned a lot about Redis and how to put on a great workshop.

To start, I forked Guy's repo: My fork (where I will put notes is I plan to summarize things a bit here in this blog post.

During this conference I've been trying to use a linux computer on the cloud to avoid downloading a lot over the conference wifi. It's been going well. I even started using mosh again (mosh --port 1025 hostname tmux -a).

Because I like docker compose up -d & friends more than plain docker commands, I built a docker compose file first thing. What happened next surprised me.

During Nebraska Code, I learned that just doing a docker compose up -d will expose ports to the whole Internet. Yikes! I had a redis server open to the whole Internet for a while on Wednesday. After a bunch of googling and talking to folks I found a stackoverflow that led to this commit (reference & notes are in the commit).

I'm excited to try Redis - TIL that redis, at its heart, is a data structure server.

  1. Redis Data Types include lists, sets, hashes, sorted sets, streams, geospatial indexes, bitmaps, bitfields and more via extensions
  2. Bloom Filter
  3. HyperLogLog
  4. Caching API results video was mentioned during class & I'm watching it now.
  5. Redis University is free!
  6. Public Redis bookmarks I noted this month include
    1. The Redis Input Output Tool - RIOT
    2. Redis OM for Node.js
    3. Redis Smart Cache is an open source library that seamlessly adds caching to any JDBC-compliant platform, application, or microservice.
      1. I want to look for a demo that shows this off using ab, JMeter or Gatling.
    4. Redis-om-Spring: Spring Data Redis extensions for better search, documents models, and more
      1. Learn how to build with Redis Stack and Spring


  1. TIL ULIDs exist and they are better than UUIDs because they can sorted by time
  2. SDR - Software Defined Radio and Tire Sensors

Redis as a Graph Database

  1. Dungeons, Dragons, and Graph Databases - Guy Royse - NDC London 2022 is an amazing talk!
    1. Redis is phasing out RedisGraph :-(
    2. Maybe it would be fun to redo Guy's talk using Apache AGE?

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